Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings

Each year we have a few weeks set aside to re-invigorate the congregation with the power of the gospel by having lessons presented from the Bible throughout the week.  These meetings are usually conducted by a guest speaker and are a great time for us to reconnect with other Christians from the area, as well as invite friends and co-workers to come and worship with us.  Below is the schedule of our upcoming meetings.



Fall Meeting October 13 - 16, 2019

Mark Broyles is an evangelist for the  Bulverde Church of Christ just outside of San Antonio Texas with an extremely strong tie to our family at East End. Mark and Judy have two of their sons along with their wifes and many children as a part of the East End family.


Welcome video from Mark and the congregation in Belverde, TX     https://www.bulverdechurchofchrist.org/about/welcome-video

and various sermons you can listen to from Mark at the following link   https://www.bulverdechurchofchrist.org/media/?title=&y=0&se=0&sv=0&sp=66