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News & Announcements

Announcement from the elders concerning Sid Latham as a potential 2nd evangalist with East End

If you will recall, one of our very first tasks as a new eldership was to hire a new preacher to replace brother Phillip Shumake.  We spent nearly a year in that process praying that GOD would send us a good man.  


The elders believe GOD’s providence reigned supreme because, as it turned out, we chose a good man from our midst.  There was some apprehensiveness about us choosing someone so young, but most were supportive.  We have now reached another critical turning point here at East End given that our building mortgage will be paid in full (as of April 30).   With great anticipation, we have longed for this day as we can now ramp up efforts to move to the next stage of spreading the gospel ; especially in our own community.  


After having multiple conversations with Landon and then having vetted Sid Latham ourselves, the elders have asked Sid to consider, for a one year trial period, becoming our 2nd full-time evangelist.   Sid has amassed nearly 26 years of preaching experience, a good deal of it in this very city and the elders have seen first-hand his stand for the truth.  


As was stated earlier, we have had several discussions with Landon AND Sid about this and we believe it is what’s best for our congregation at this critical time.


Landon and Sid have already demonstrated their ability to sharpen one another given that they have studied and discussed GOD’s word together on a relatively regular basis for at least 2 years now.


Of course, just as we did with Landon, we want you to have a chance to have any questions answered about what he perceives his work to be as well as how it would complement and/or enhance Landon’s work or any other issues relevant to appointing him to this position. 


We will provide an opportunity for you to meet with Sid as a socially distanced group here at the building and you can call him on his cell phone as well during a 2 week period of time starting now today and extending untilSunday, April 18.  During this period, you will have time (if desired) to give your feedback to the elders.   Next Sunday afternoon, April 11, from 5-5:45 in this auditorium, you can gather, socially distanced and face masked to askSid questions (very similar to what was done with Landon).  Our hope is, after considering feedback from you, to have a final decision to announce to the congregation on Sunday April 18.  If this works out, Sid would begin in this position on May 1st.


Please pray about this exciting new step and pray that much good in the kingdom in this community will come as a result of this development.


Classes beginning March 10, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

Our Lord has continued to bless us even through these difficult times we have faced together. As our world has been turned upside down, we are all trying to get back to life that is more normal. We want the same thing here with our gatherings at East End.  For the last year it has been stressful, but we want to continue in steps returning to normal. The next steps toward this will be expanding our class offerings for Wednesday evenings.

Beginning Wednesday, March 10, 2021 we will start a revised class schedule as follows:

  • Main Auditorium – Sid Latham will be presenting materials on I & II Thessalonians.  This will be a masked class only (folks will enter as normal though the main entry or side drop off). This will be followed by a few songs and invitation while participants remaining masked.
  • Upper Level Small Auditorium – David Herrin will be presenting materials on “The God Who is There.  This will be a mask optional class (folks will have the option to enter from the top entry or asked to wear a mask if entering the lower entrances to go to the class.  Songs and a short invitation will be offered upstairs for this class as well.
  • Large Upstairs Classroom – Tim Richardson will be presenting materials for our “Young Adult” folks.  The materials will be a special study on the concepts of Premillennialism. This will be a mask optional class. After class, participants can join with the group upstairs or downstairs for the singing and invitation.
  • Lower classrooms - The younger children will continue in classes currently being taught by Carolyn Rutter and Jessica Midgette in two of the lower level classrooms.  Mask optional. After class, participants can join with the group upstairs or downstairs for the singing and invitation.

This next step towards getting back to where we want to be as a congregation is exciting.  The Elders are also working on potential format changes for Sunday services to begin classes once again. Please continue to be patient and bear with us and each other as we continue this journey together.

In Him,

Brent, Troy and Chris

GENERAL PLAN For services beginning Sunday, October 18, 2020

 From the Elders, 

First and foremost, we do not want to lose anyone and our desire as we move forward with this plan is to give all an opportunity to worship. We are in untested and uncertain times in which we are tasked with watching and caring for each precious soul at East End. 

Establish a weekly rotation for 2 TYPES of auditorium gatherings and make announcements the Sun and Wed prior, send out notes on N&N & SHINE as to what those rotations are each week….

Sunday Oct 18, 2020 
( Rotation Week “A”)

Sunday AM service IN AUDITORIUM : ALL masked/face-shields and socially distanced in family units (visitors will be greeted outside the doors by a masked greeter and provided masks if they do not have one;  if they choose not to wear one, greeter will indicate we have parking lot service available as well).  The parking lot worship service transmission will continue (we are looking into a more reliable way to broadcast the service to those in the parking lot – please do not lose heart)

Sunday PM service IN AUDITORIUM : 
same as we are doing currently (mixed on the masks)

Wed eve service  Oct. 21,2020: ALL masked/face-shields and socially distanced in family units (as per the Sunday am service)

The next week will be as follows:
(Rotation Week “B” )

Sunday AM Oct 25,2020 (opposite rotation as Sunday Oct 18,2020)

Sunday AM service in Auditorium : same as we are doing currently (mixed on the masks)

Sunday PM service in the Auditorium : ALL masked/face-shields and socially distanced in family units

Wed eve service 
Oct 28,2020: same as we are doing current (mixed on the masks)

Sunday November 1, 2020 will be just as Sunday Oct 18,2020
 (Rotation Week “A”)  see the above information 

Repeat this rotation  (A,B, A, B, A,B ) for as many Sundays as needed in the future…
This will give quite a few more brethren an opportunity to worship in the building (at least once or twice a week) if they choose.  It will also give those who do not or cannot wear masks the same opportunity.  

*****A strong word of caution is in order with regards to the feasibility of this rotation schedule.  If masking/shielding and physical distancing by families is not observed, it will most likely lead to many returning to the parking lot for each service.  Please be respectful of all brethren during the fully masked service times and wear a mask or a face shield  when the rotation schedule has it designated  for that mode and please respect the physical distancing aspect at all times. We deeply wish to accommodate as many as possible for opportunities to worship in the building - together!  *****

Please know that the elders will continue to monitor this situation and will potentially implement other changes in the future.  

Our prayer continues to be for ALL of us to be assembled in the building together as soon as is possible.

Brent, Troy and Chris

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