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Sunday Worship ..........................  9:30 AM
Sunday Bible Study..................... 10:20 AM
Sunday Communion & Worship...11:00 AM

Wednesday Bible Study.................7:00 PM

3055 Old Todds Rd
Lexington, KY 40509

News & Announcements

Update from the Elders

To the flock at East End:  the elders feel the need to communicate to you about the status of our Sunday worship and bible study periods given the recent inclement weather.   Our plan is to move forward with all three regularly scheduled periods from 9:30-12 as per normal.    We hope you can be present but want to remind all to let the elders know if you cannot be present.  GOD bless all of us!

Study Opportunities

At East End we are passionate about reading and studying God's word together with our neighbors in Lexington. We would love for you to join us!


Time: Every Monday morning 7:00AM

Location: Hamburg-area Chick-fil-A (1863 Plaudit Pl.)

Details: Psalms is a collection of 150 prayers and praises covering a period of nearly 1,000 years. The words of well-known individuals like Moses and David are contained in the Psalms, but also lesser-known men (including several anonymous authors) can be read in this Holy Spirit-inspired literary work. Regardless of the author, each psalm guides us in relevant topics such as dependence on God, proper worship, righteous living, repentance, and even the proper response to depression and anxiety. Even today, these ancient writings speak to us in clear and life-changing ways. We will meet each Monday morning at the Hamburg-area Chick-fil-A to read and discuss the Psalms. Each meeting will be led by one of several teachers who will present their thoughts on a specific Psalm and lead us in meaningful discussion. The format is designed to be friendly, warm, and low-key as to encourage group participation as we seek to apply the text to our everyday lives.

Upcoming Events

  1. Worship
    Sunday, February 5th, 20239:30am
  2. Bible Study
    Sunday, February 5th, 202310:20am
  3. Worship
    Sunday, February 5th, 202311:00am
  4. Communion
    Sunday, February 5th, 202311:45am
  5. Bible Study
    Wednesday, February 8th, 20237:00pm