Starting Over Again

Another new year begins. The old year has rolled into history. What will the New Year bring? In many ways it’s a new beginning. New beginnings bring with them the unknown. That can be scary.


I remember back in the early 60’s as a young man just getting out of high school and pondering my future. My plans were to dwell in a big city in a far away land. That was very threatening to a raw country boy like me. In my eagerness to go out and experience a new life, I knew the world was mine to conquer. But was that my purpose in life? Really?


I was rooted in the country and felt so lacking, pondering the unknown. I remember lying under a pine tree on the hill above our house, looking into the heavens and resolving to just do the best I could. I didn’t.


Resolutions come about as result of our need to change; to do better. Each of us in some way or another, recognize the need to re-evaluate. But, a big city move, in a far away land is not always the change to make. The ‘far away land’ reminds me of the prodigal son’s plight. Ponder that.


My advice to anyone would be, not to go into the future without God’s help. Life can be so much more successful if we allow the Lord to rule our lives. Make Christ the Lord of your life and he will light up your dark future. Whatever the need in your life might be, if you have been putting it off until the first of the year; well, that time is here. Follow through on your decision now.


“…You know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for the coming of the Lord is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is far gone; the day of his return will soon be here. So quit the evil deeds of darkness and put on the armor of right living… Be decent and true in everything you do so that all can approve your behavior. Don’t spend your time in wild parties and getting drunk or in adultery and lust; or fighting; or jealousy. But ask God to help you live as you should; and don’t make plans to enjoy evil.” (Rom 13:11-14)


This new beginning affords us opportunity to set our house in order. If we tell this world good-by and homeward fly, we will have nothing left to resolve. When the righteous meet in the sky and go to that far away city where no one dies, there will be no fear, even for a raw country boy. Onward and upward we go.